Enthusiastic reactions after the broadcast of "Water Makes Money"

Thank you very much to show the film Water Makes Money. Well in Germany we´ll only get to see 99 % of uncriticial films. The movie was amazing, based on facts, with good examples. Even a complaint from Veolia & Suez didn´t stop you. That's fantastic. Please be critical in the future, too. Keep up the good work. I wish more TV companies have the courage as you did. The freedom of the press is so important. I hope you can show more critical films like that.
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Hello dear Film Team of Water Makes Money: All I can say is THANK YOU for your work, THANK YOU for your courage, THANK YOU for your dedication. Please continue! Education is the beginning of change. When things are clear and can be clearly recognized, they can be changed.

You owe you my biggest respect for the film and I wish you all the strenght for the future.
Thank you for this film. There are simply things in this world that need to be taken away from the money making maschine of capitalism. Among them all things on earth that cannot be multiplied, that all humans need, such as land, air and, well.. water. Don't get sidetracked by the juridic attacks of the capitalists. It is great that there are people with Zivilcourage like you!

The films is factual and absolutely correct in its diction. It reflects what is clear for everyone who is familiar with the capitalistic moral of enterprises. There are no exceptions. Too bad that only Arte took it on, since only the interested and mentally flexible people watch this channel – and they are a minority. The medienpolitische breakthrough would have been with ARD including the film into its program.

Thank you very much for the very informative and terrifying documentary. There was a lot that I didn't know: I consider especially the zusammenhang between ecological farming and healty drinking water to be important! […]I have been living in Berlin for 27 years and just now erlebte a volksentscheid regarding water in Berlin. NOW I have a much better idea about the content of these secret contracts that were often mentionned in this context. Thank you very much again and I hope that the chosen broadcasting time has brought and illuminated many viewers.

Thank you very much for the emission of the film. As active citizen of Stuttgart, I have lived a small reality. The fact that there are such extremes thereof – and also stages the world water forum – I did not know.

Thank you for the great film. I think that what you are showing is more than the tip of the iceberg- but certainly not the whole truth. Especially these things with the competence centers seems to be important. The former president of the TU Berlin wanted to make us believe that Berlin was the only center of competence.

I am completely spent by the fact how we are being cheated and how stupid and bribable our politicians are. Such machenschaften are happening all the time and more brave people should bring them out in the open.

Thank you for this film. At least now I don't feel so lonely when I say No.

My respect for your courage in these current times!

Thank you so much for your brave and committed movie. As Werra neighbours we see every day how an international business K + S has been polluting the river since decades with chemistry and salts, and this against current European law. Corruption and intimidation are also topics here! Relentless Aufklärung is urgently needed! This is why your documentary is a very important contribution. Please go on!

Cordial thanks for your awareness work, courage and opposition against such criminals that sneer at people. Water can never be traded, and cannot be an object of trade. Water belongs to all people on this planet and has to be more or less freely available for the people. Water can never be an object of speculation of criminals, water should be taken away from these criminals and their accomplices.

Thank you for this project that displayed the connection of the practices of Veolia so clearly laid out. Untill now I was not aware how these two multinationals bought themselves into the world of „congresses“ and the so-called science. Now I understand on what they base their power. We need a movement of „Water for all people“ which makes clear how our vital sources are sacrificed for the so called market economy. Just like water, all organic waste (solid and liquid) belongs in the hands of the community, because in the circle of life, waste management has to serve the water and the farming.

The film was impressive, congratulations. One can only hope that many people will see more clearly now, and that they start to think about the dangers of privatized water. Please go on!